ON Semiconductor

Security Solution: ON Semiconductor and SecureRF

Thank you for viewing the SecureRF RSL10 performance demonstration at ON Semi's US IoT seminars where you saw SecureRF's methods used on the ON Semi RSL10 to deliver device-to-device security, authentication and data protection.

ON Semiconductor delivers:

  • Built in AES-128 encryption/decryption for data protection
  • IP protection to disable code read-out/code tampering
  • Random number generator

SecureRF Corporation delivers:

  • Fast, low-energy public key cryptographic methods for authenticating remote devices
  • Key agreement protocol produces one-time AES keys for encrypting onboard data
  • Designed for low-resource processors; implemented in software-only
  • SDKs available for easy, low-cost integration with customer projects
  • Future-proof: resistant to all known quantum computer attacks

Contact us to learn about the performance advantages of SecureRF's methods.