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Register for the November 1 IoT Security Webinar

Devices driven by 8- or 16-bit processors don’t have the compute and memory resources to incorporate ECC security with acceptable runtimes and resource allocation, but many still require authentication and/or data protection. It’s a problem that is escalating as IoT and IIoT become mainstream and customer concerns about security issues increases.

On Tuesday, November 1, SecureRF will host a webinar to cover the challenges in securing these devices and explore current security options. We will also provide an overview of SecureRF’s quantum-resistant, Public-Key security methods that address the smallest devices now entering the IoT.

Entitled “What You Need to Know About Securing Small Things in the IoT,” this webinar will offer performance data demonstrating solutions that are up to 60 times more efficient than ECC and consume over 140 times less energy – a critical requirement if you are working with portable, wireless or battery-powered things.

Understand how these low-power device solutions work, learn how to secure them and make your smart things safe. Register today.

Who Should Attend:

  • Design engineers at foundries and hardware manufacturers with current projects that require a security solution
  • Product managers at wearables and sensor solutions that need to address security and/or privacy


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